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Sales and Customer Care

A graphic representation of how each module of this course fits together to provide a complete customer oriented training solution. The modules are presented in an interactive, easy to follow. memorable way with opportunites for practical involvement by the delegates.

Effective Presentations

This 1 day course will help delegates who make presentations to audiences from 1 to 100. The course modules encourage delegates to adapt their own style of presenting by the use of tried and tested techniques that will make their content more memorable and compelling. The course includes modules based on the "inner game" philosophy which can help every individual to master the art of presentation.

Effective Complaint Handling

This 1 day course takes an in depth look at the reasons why people complain and their motivations for seeking some form of recompense. Understanding the motives for complaint allows the delegates to create a framework for complaint handling and avoid continued customer dissatisfaction. The course will enable delegates to deal with complaints effectively, efficiently and at the lowest cost to the company.

Negotiation in Sales

The course modules go through the negotiation process and, by the end of the course, each delegate will have a plan that can be implemented to avoid concessions that reduce company profitability. The course is interactive and based on real life examples from the KBB industry. Delegates that have attended this course have been able to put into practise, processes that achieve mutuality for the company and its clients that do not compromise the "bottom line" profitability.

The "WOW" Factor

By the end of this 1 day course, each delegate will have an action plan for achieving customer delight which is a pre requisite of sustaining business in today's competitive environment. The modules on the course look at the buying motives and buying signals and provide a template for introducing "Wow" at every stage of the sales process. The course encourages delegates to work together in an interactive and fun way that re enforces the need to maintain the very best customer relationships and thereby increase referral business and profitability

Using Body Language

In today's business and personal relationships, the importance of understanding Body Language could be the difference between making or losing a sale. The course looks at why people use body language, what it means and how to use the understanding gained on the course to best effect. The course takes a light hearted approach to a very serious business opportunity and each delegate will have fun in recognising and using the many body language signals that are common place in today's environment

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