"training your staff to close more sales opportunities"

Do you need to increase sales?
Do you need to increase conversion rates from enquiries?
Do you need to present the very best in KBB proposals and ensure that you
close your sales and negotiate effectively?

Then these courses can help you and your staff maximise on the sales opportunities. Please have a look through the course content and decide which courses will best suit your needs or I can tailor make a course for you selecting modules that you wish to include.   You can download a booking form HERE

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Train Spotting

from an article by Philippa Turell in KBN January 2014

Graham Hayden TrainingWhile we all know training can help hone sales skills, perfect customer service and ultimately boost a business's bottom line, few may find themselves comfortable in a classroom. First you have to contend with awful icebreakers, those awkward communication games where you have to guess the animal or famous person scrawled on a Post-it and affixed to your forehead. Then there's the need to write notes at breakneck speed, as the trainer reels out information faster than football's final scores, or worse clock watching, longing for the day to finish. And not least, there's the inevitable fear of being questioned by the trainer. Luckily, then, the Level One Sales & Customer Care course, led by Graham Hayden of Graham Hayden Training was nothing like that. In fact, the day course was actually a mix of amusing anecdotes, engaging analogies and interesting group activities. And there wasn't a Post-it in sight!

Everyone is a salesperson

Graham Hayden training courseInterestingly, there was a mix of people on the course from designers new to the industry through to those who had been in the industry for some time but hadn't had any formal sales training. But one thing everyone had in common was "we are all salepeople", as the charismatic Graham Hayden explained opening his presentation. He said everyone there represented their company, provided information about their business, were experts in their field, and were able to help clients to decide, which is the basis of sales. But naturally, a sales course is not a sales course without a smattering of acronyms and here the course didn't fall down. There was AIDA, which summed up the sales sequence, get the consumer's ATTENTION, gain their
INTEREST, create DESIRE then get them to a point of ACTION i.e. the end sale. Then there was ABC – ALWAYS, BE, CLOSING and not forgetting PPP to ensure you are prepared at each stage of the sale from PLANNING through to PREPARATION, then PRESENTATION. So far, so easy to understand.

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sales and customer care level 1 

31st january
On this interactive level 1 course you will learn how the basic sales sequence works and be able to understand the importance of planning, preparation and presentation. We look at buying motives, features and benefits, negotiation and closing techniques and we do all of this in a fun and memorable way

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sales and customer care level 2


28th march
this level 2 course will help you understand just how good you and your business are by exploring U.S.P and SWOT analysis.It will give you the knowledge to understand your customer types better and be able to adapt your presentation style to their needs

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Graham Hayden sales training

"Very well presented and provided interest throughout the whole day"
DMG delegate

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for inviting myself and Hamish on your course. I really enjoyed myself and I found it really helpful, especially the closing techniques and the body language. I already have the body language book on order.
I feel much more confident in my abilities to sell and design a bathroom, I found your course so helpful. It was also great to meet people in similar professions but from different companies to see what how they contend with their own sales techniques.

Also thank you for emailing the course notes over, it is great to have a reference to the course just incase.

Many thanks and I am looking forward to part 2 of your course already.

Kind Regards
Sandi Hollamby BA hons

NTG training courses


"The interaction of the group was good and we all shared common sales challenges"
Connaught Kitchens delegate

My one day sales and Customer Care course is approved by the National Training Group (NTG) and CITB (Construction Skills)

I have run successful sales training courses for major international corporations including Whirlpool, Maytag, Merloni and Trust House Forte Hotels. I promise an interactive day’s training which can lead to increased Customer Satisfaction thereby increasing sales and profitability.

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poggenpohl training course


Training for KBB industry

The first Level 2 Sales and Customer Care course for the KBB industry was run by Graham Hayden at the Whirlpool Training centre in Croydon on 14th September.
12 delegates that had experienced the introductory level 1 course attended including Dewhirst Kitchens, Elements Kitchens, Tradex Home Improvements and Poggenpohl.
Lindsey Donnachie from Dewhirst said “A thought provoking day, the benefits of which will hopefully show in future sales” and Scott Rotchell of Poggenpohl commented “Great enthusiasm and trainee interaction”
The course covered The Best lead generation, sales Action planning and closing profitable sales.
All delegates are encouraged to fully participate in the learning modules and Laura Delanougerede from Poggenpohl explained “Great refresher and I look forward to trying out the direct closing techniques”
The course was attended by Renee Mascari, the CEO of the KBB NTG and she was happy to confirm that this new course has now been approved by the National Training Group.